Half-day Workshop
User experiences (UX) in libraries: capturing user behaviours using ethnography

Workshop leader: Gina de Alwis

Librarian,Tay Eng Soon Library (HQ), Singapore Institute of Management


Libraries are challenged to remain relevant in an era of changes. We need to understand our users, and how and why they interact with the products and services the way they do. User Experience (UX) studies using ethnographic research methods provide a qualitative approach to obtain rich descriptions of users' experiences, i.e., how they engage with existing library services and spaces as well as show how they actually may want to use these; and, nuanced insights into what the users don't recognise they want. The rich evidence-based findings can be used to design user-centric products and services and transformative library experiences more attuned with the expectations of the diverse user groups.

Workshop will provide participants:

Libraries are evolving and the question arises what is the future of libraries? The following challenges are encountered by the librarians:

(a) A brief overview of ethnographic research methods that can be adopted to better understand user behaviour in the context of existing services and spaces.
(b) The opportunity to try out selected methods through use of hands-on activities, and
(c) Exploration of how ethnographic research methods can be applied in the participants' own work environments.