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"...VSL is not just a central but one of the best-maintained resources over here..."  - (more)
- Prof. Akshaya Vijayalakshmi
- IIM Ahmedabad

"...Vikram Sarabhai Library is a very critical resource for the students as well as the faculty alike..."  - (more)
- Prof. Sachin Jayaswal
- IIM Ahmedabad

"...The best part of the library is you get what you want and that you get pretty quickly than you expected..."  - (more)
- Prof. Abhiman Das
- IIM Ahmedabad

"...I think we have a wonderful library staff who are highly professional, they are highly courteous..."  - (more)
- Prof. Vishal Gupta
- IIM Ahmedabad

"..Vikram Sarabhai Library is one of the most conducive places for doing research.."  - (more)
- Mr. Aashish Argade
- IIM Ahmedabad

"..Vikram Sarabhai Library has something for everyone that is the best part of the library.."  - (more)
- Mr. Saneesh Edacherian
- IIM Ahmedabad

"...Vikram Sarabhai Library combines the best of what a researcher could expect from a library..."  - (more)
- Priya Narayanan
- FPM, IIM Ahmedabad

"...Vikram Sarabhai Library is much more than borrowing books..."
 - (more)
- Kavya Sajwan
- Academic Associate, IIMA

"...Vikram Sarabhai Library is a rich resource to every member of the library..."  - (more)
- Sumeetha Natesan
- Research Associate, IIMA

"...Vast pool of resources and the ease of accessing them plus the highly supportive staff makes it the best library..."  - (more)
- Vanita Singh
- FPM, IIM Ahmedabad

"...everyone here enjoys reading using the many facilities that the VSL has for every generation..."  - (more)
- Harsh Vardhan Bisht
- FABM , IIM Ahmedabad

...kind of facilities Library provides really encourage students to come and read...  - (more)
- Naresh Kumar
- ABM, IIM Ahmedabad