China Data Insights (CDI)

China data Insights (CDI), English version of China Statistical Yearbooks Database, integrates multiple functions of statistical data search, data mining analysis, and personal data management. It collects authoritative statistical yearbooks of all Chinese provinces and provides English users with the most comprehensive statistical data on the social development in contemporary China.

Expiry Date: 25-12-2017

CNKI-Academic Focus

Academic Focus is a platform for China English journals; include original English academic journals published in Mainland China, English content translated from top Chinese academic journals, proceedings of the international conference held in Mainland China, etc. Academic Focus includes 262 E-journals (2,50,000 articles) and 2366 proceeding papers. Most journals offer an archival access of 20 years back.

Expiry Date: 25-12-2017


Magzter is digital magazine newsstand, with over 9,500+ magazines from around the world in its catalogue. It allows you to read, download, and explore your favourite magazines from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Expiry Date: 31-12-2017

CEIC Database

CEIC includes World Trend database, Global database and Premium databases which covers content from Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, and China. The Global database contains over 2.5 million time series covering 208 countries from the United States and China to Vietnam, Bulgaria, Chile, and Kenya. It offers a quick country reference on key indicators such as GDP, GNP, FDI, and CPI, as well as detailed information on 18 macroeconomic and 14 industrial sectors. Brazil database covers 13 macroeconomic and 13 industry growth sectors with unmatched coverage of the energy, biofuel, and automobile sectors. Regional data are also available for Brazil's 5 regions, all 27 states, and 6,000 municipalities

Russia database offers time-series macroeconomic and industrial data on Russia. For each of the data segments, analyses are available on the national, regional, and city level. India database provides information on the Indian economy. The data coverage is at State-level and wherever possible at district & city level. It offers both macroeconomic and industry-specific time series data with records starting as early as 1951. Indonesia database covers over 2,50,000 time-series records on macroeconomic and sectors data which includes 33 provinces of Indonesia. China database provides over 3,26,000 time-series records on macroeconomic, sector, industry and regional data dating back to 1949.

World Trend database provides information on a broad range of topics concerning the global economy. It integrates economic and financial benchmarks with forecasting services that allow users to monitor and understand the global development of individual economies and regional markets and facilitates easy benchmarking and global comparison through Proprietary Global Economic Monitor indicators, ASEAN economic monitor for ASEAN regional block comparison, Global Competitiveness Index for a comprehensive picture of the competitiveness landscape in countries around the world. International Association statistics include data sourced from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), World Steel Association (World steel), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), and many others for cross-country comparisons and performance measurement and The most comprehensive financial and operational statistics on the top companies in the Non Asia, Asia Ex-China, and China regions are ranked based on the latest total asset value. It further compliments with OECD Data on economic indicators, forecasts, and productivity data. Daily Database includes high frequency, frequently referred financial indicators database with 22,000+ time series on topics such as; Commodity Price and Futures, Deposit Rated, Disease Outbreaks, Futures, Fx Rates, Forward Rates, Government Securities, Interbank Offer Rates, Lending Rates, Monetary Data, Swap Rates, etc.

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Expiry Date: 22-01-2018