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Basic Overview

Includes information on company background, fundamental, SWOT analysis, competitors, stocks , news, reports, etc.

ACE Equity database covers all companies listed in Indian stock exchanges. Data includes financial and non-financial information of companies and sectors. It covers company, sector, mutual funds, macro economy and digital library. The database provides financial and general information on each companies - balance sheet, P & L account with schedules and sub schedules, segment-wise finance, cash flow, forex data, a gamut of ratios, quarterly, half yearly and annual results with currency conversion facility, share price data, shareholding information, complete information of the derivative market, sectorial indices movements, array of high quality news, and bulletin of corporate events. It's included excel add-on for auto upgrade of company information. Please contact library to install offline database. Historical coverage: Last 15 to 20 years.

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ACE Equity database covers all companies listed in Indian stock exchanges. Data includes financial and non-financial information of companies and sectors. It covers company, sector, mutual funds, macro economy and digital library. The database provides financial and general information on each companies - balance sheet, P & L account with schedules and sub schedules, segment-wise finance, cash flow, forex data, a gamut of ratios, quarterly, half yearly and annual results with currency conversion facility, share price data, shareholding information, complete information of the derivative market, sectorial indices movements, array of high quality news, and bulletin of corporate events. It's included excel add-on for auto upgrade of company information. Please contact library to install offline database. Historical coverage: Last 5 to 7 years.

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AGM/EGM & Postal Ballot Resolutions provides company-wise and resolution-wise details of resolutions passed or proposed to be passed in AGM/EGMs, through postal ballots, and in Court/NCLT Convened Meetings along with the voting result of each such resolution, for all listed companies

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American Economic Association provides access to the full-text high-quality economics literature. The library subscribes the whole package, which covers 9 titles: American Economic Review, American Economic Review: Insights, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, and AEA Papers and Proceedings

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Annual Reports Library provides 1,18,300+ annual reports from 14,313 BSE and NSE-listed companies, spanning the years 1997 to 2021.

Auditors database provides detail on Auditors of all listed Indian companies along with appointments/ cessations updated on a daily basis and remuneration paid to Auditors (with a detailed break-up of Audit Fee, Fee for other services, and Reimbursements, etc.).

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Bloomberg is the premier source for global business and financial information, and a leading provider to businesses, education and government in India.

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Board Meeting Resolutions database provides details of resolutions/purposes discussed and approved in board meetings, for all listed companies. Using this database, you can view and analyze, the notification/agenda of board meetings as well as the final outcome.

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Capitaline is an online database giving financial and other information on more than 55,800+ companies, which includes listed as well as unlisted companies. It provides extensive and accurate data on companies, which runs into over 1500 data fields. The companies are grouped under all major industries from various sectors. A Balance Sheet or P&L can be read with complete schedules or breakups along with different useful tools like; common size, simple growth, CAGR growth, etc. The data format has been created and standardized by keeping in mind the accepted norms & practices. Capitaline provides analyst meet reports AGM reports for more than 200 companies every quarter in text format along with coverage of all corporate announcement on daily basis. IPO data are covered extensively, which include; Issues, Prospectus, Allotment & New Listing. Live News: Market Commentary, Hot Pursuit & Corporate News. Historical coverage: Last 15 to 20 years.

CMIE First Source is a query-able database of all companies registered in India. It has information on over 1.9 million companies, 2.8 million signatories (directors), 1.1 million charges on assets, 0.5 million annual reports, etc.

"Prowess Application for Credit Evaluation (PACE)" is a database application that enables evaluation of corporate credit proposals of banks and NBFCs. The principal source of this database is Annual Reports of individual companies and it covers approx. 51,262 listed and unlisted companies that are updated continuously with 10-years historical data. It provides a set of analytical ratios built over a standardized database which is a pre-requisite for evaluation of credit proposals in banks. It also provides financial data and analytical ratios as well as peer comparison and industry benchmark comparison tables on a multidimensional level.

Prowess dx is a delivery of the Prowess database that is specially designed for academia.

  1. Quick and easy downloading of the data in simple text format.
  2. 51,262 companies covered, including listed companies, unlisted public companies and private companies. All companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange are covered.
  3. Time-series data since 1990. Annual Reports of companies and data available from India's two largest stock exchanges are the principal sources of this database.
  4. Includes the profit and loss statement, balance sheet and ratios based on these. There are 3,500 data fields in Prowess dx.
  5. In the case of listed companies, cash flow statement, quarterly financial statements, share prices, corporate action and daily total returns are included. Financial statements based on consolidated and standalone basis are available.
  6. Financial statements are standardized. The database does not suffer from any deliberate survival bias. The database is updated continuously.

CMIE Prowess IQ (Interactive Querying) provides the financial performance of Indian companies, its covers 52,205 companies financial data. It is internet-based application for querying CMIE's database on performances of listed and unlisted companies. It is simple and easy to use with virtually no installation and updation hassles. ProwessIQ provides charting tools and well-formatted reports on performances of companies. The reports provide financial information including analytical ratios and benchmark comparisons. Downloads of source documents such as annual reports, interim results, ratings rationales are part of the service.

Compustat Executive Compensation data (ExecuComp) provides annual compensation data on top five executive officers within North American company from 1992 to 2009. It contains more than 38,000 executives and their compensation data on the top officers of over 3300 companies with more than 220 data items. The top 5 executive officers’ data within the company is available from 1992 to 2009 and from 2010 on wards the total number of executives’ data has been available for all the 3300 companies. Features: (1) Executive compensation data, such as names of executives, titles, age, gender, compensation (salary, bonuses, stock options, and shares owned), most recently held title, when an executive became the CEO or left the position. (2) Director compensation data, such as annual options received, annual shares received, annual retainer, cash fees, stock awards, and pension compensation. (3) Company financial data, such as key income statement and balance sheet data, market value and share price data. (4) Company descriptor data, such as an address, SIC, CUSIP number, ticker, stock exchange, and industry/index membership. (5) Deferred compensation plan information, including contribution information and individual plan, balance Long-term incentive awards data and other plan-based awards data, such as shares awarded, the value of shares and payout terms, options exercise price, the grant date fair value of the stock/option award and the potential cash payout under cash-based incentive plans. (6) Outstanding option and restricted stock awards data. (7) Executive pension plans, including the credited years of service and the plan value. (8) Stock option grants data, such as stock option value, exercise price, market price, and expiration date.

Provides fundamental and market data for active and inactive companies that trade on a U.S. or Canadian Exchange. Annual, quarterly and monthly data is from 1979 forward and last 11 years of daily market data.

The CSR database provides information of CSR activity of indian listed companies. The data includes Financial Year, Average Net Profit of last three Financial Years, Prescribed CSR Expenditure, Sector in which the CSR Activity is covered and State in which the Expenditure is done. It also provides CSR Board Committee details and the reasons for unspent amounts. Additionaly, Its provide CSR report extracted from the annual report of the particular company.

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The database provides political, economic, financial, and social data for over 140 countries, in most cases back to 1984. This also includes annual economic data from CREF Country Reports, as well as current data from Coplin-O?Leary Forecasts. It allows the user to select only the data they need and produce cross-country reports with thousands of data points.

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The CRSP [Survivor-Bias-Free U.S.] Mutual Funds Database includes a history of each mutual fund's name, investment style, fee structure, holdings, and asset allocation. Also, included are monthly total returns, monthly total net assets, monthly/daily net asset values, and dividends. Additionally, schedules of the rear and front load fees, asset class codes, and management company contact information are provided. All data items are for publicly traded, open-end mutual funds and begin at varying times, between 1962-present, depending on availability. The database is updated quarterly and distributed with a monthly lag.

Contains security-level historical pricing, returns, and volume data on more than 32,000 stocks (inactive and active companies) from the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ markets. Monthly data goes back to 1925. Also includes U.S. market indices, treasuries, and mutual funds, and a merged information.

Historical, global coverage of equities, stock markets, commodities, futures, currencies, options, bond markets, company financials, and economic data. The database is updated daily, and historical equity information goes back as far as 1973, though coverage varies across countries and types of content. Sources include national governments, OECD, EIU, IMF, World scope, and Morgan Stanley Capital (MSCI).

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The database provides information on industry, company, IPO, mutual fund, commodity market, etc. it is also a vast source for company annual reports.

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District Metrics (DM) helps you to unravel the potential household consumers in India at a disaggregated level. The service brings you, in a single platform, demographics, purchasing power or income and economic activity for - districts & towns enabling you to locate the markets of your choice. The reliable data and robust estimates in DM are powered with querying tools, supported by dynamic map-views that enable marketers identify and locate market geographies and households that can be prioritised. It also provides a unique feature in the interactive maps that facilitates the users to juxtapose their own internal datasets like sales, distributors etc along with the DM data on the map.

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Business Source Ultimate provides full-text academic journals with articles covering all disciplines of business, including Accounting, Finance, Banking, Management Information Systems, Production and Operations Management, Economics, etc. The database includes more than 5072 full-text journals & magazines with 2657 are peer-reviewed titles and all journals and magazine can be Search/Browse through A-Z Journal link

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EMIS operates in and reports on countries where high reward goes hand-in-hand with high risk. We bring you time-sensitive, hard-to-get, relevant news, research and analytical data, peer comparisons, and more for over 197 emerging markets. Unlike other intelligence providers, most of our staff are based in emerging markets. This helps to give you an insider’s perspective on these countries using the relationships we have forged with local providers of news, analysis, and data.

  • Non-stop intelligence from the world's most trusted 2,000+ sources.
  • Access to 9.7 million+ company profiles across 250+ industry sectors.
  • Documents and news, retrieval of 52,000+ news articles a day, 5,500+ publications, and 450,000+ research reports, proprietary insights.
  • DealWatch provides information on 161,000+ M&A and ECM deals.
  • Proprietary research is about the deals’ value, type, status, companies, and legal advisors involved.

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Identifying the nature of a company`s business relationship is crucial to understanding its business opportunities, correlations, and risk exposure. FactSet Revere Supply Chain Relationships data exposes and classifies the business relationships and interconnections among global companies. It provides access to the complex networks of companies' key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners. FactSet Supply Chain Relationships currently covers more than 9,000 publicly traded companies worldwide, comprising over 144,000 business relationships, normalized into four main categories and 13 types, with historical data going back as far as 2003. Quantifiable metrics, including percentage revenues derivation between suppliers and customers, are disclosed as available.

Financial Results database provides all quarterly and annual financial results of the NSE listed Indian companies.

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The database provides access to not only FT newspaper, it's also home for business intelligence on the web, providing an essential source of news, comment, market information, data and analysis for the global business community.

Adrian is a cloud-based analytical tool, a data repository of over 50,000 resolutions of 1,000+ companies representing 95% of the market cap of the Indian listed companies. It provides historical data on how promoters, institutional investors and others have voted on various resolution categories (i.e) remuneration, director appointments, related party transactions and so on. The database also includes data on how domestic institutional investors like mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds have voted along with their rationale and voting data of select foreign portfolio investors. Adrian captures relevant data on shareholder resolutions put up by companies in general meetings. The tool provides multiple searches and analytical capabilities, allowing institutions to track peer-group strategies and gain insights to support corporate actions and investor engagement decision-making.

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Indian Boards provides the detailed information on board of 1467 NSE listed companies. It includes company-wise names of present board of directors, position on the board, independent director/non-independent director, date of appointment as a director, committee details, names of committees, chairman/members, remuneration of directors, company-wise cessation of directors, directors profiles, etc. Additionally, it also provides data on the boards of prominent unlisted financial sector companies (more than 200) such as AMCs, AMC trustees, clearing corporations, commodity exchanges, depositories, stock exchanges, pensions funds, insurance companies and unlisted banks, etc.

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ISS provides data on Historical Governance, Historical Directors data, Voting Results data, Incentive Lab data, Voting Analytics with N-PX data, and Shareholder Proposal data. It is accessed through WRDS platform.

LexisNexis provides over 15,000 business, legal and news, access thousands of newspapers, periodicals, television and radio broadcasts, newswires, blogs, corporate directories and financial information. News sources like accountancy age, advertising age, Hoover's IPO reports, M & A reports, monthly industry reviews, etc. - complete coverage of U.S. federal and state courts, Shepard's Citations Service, and access to hundreds of law reviews. - LexisNexis company dossier reports access provides comprehensive information on more than 80 million U.S. and international companies, including industry and executive data.

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This database offers a comprehensive and unique collection of company, industry and country analysis and report, extending across 200+ countries and every major industry sector. Market data analysis database provides data across the globe on food, drinks, personal care, household products, pet care, news and magazines, etc. Country statistics database provides macro socio economic data of 215 countries worldwide both historic and forecast data.

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NASSCOM provides different type reports, analysis, rankings, current trend & insight on IT & BPO industries.

  • Campus wide Access | Username & Password required | contact :

The database includes data and league tables for PUBLIC ISSUES (IPOs, FPOs, and OFS(SE)), PUBLIC DEBT ISSUES, INVESTMENT TRUSTS (InvITs / ReITs), INVESTMENT TRUSTS (InvITs/ReITs)-PUBLIC DEBT ISSUES, and SME ISSUES (IPOs and FPOs).

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PrivateCircle is India's most trusted financial research platform with the largest coverage of 27+ Lacs Listed & Unlisted Indian companies in India at a single screen at PrivateCircle platform. It covers all Indian Industry, Sector & Sub-Sector. The platform covers 500+ data points on every company enabling intelligence-driven research.


Master List of Listed and Unlisted Indian companies Data- 27 Lakhs + companies list at a single screen (MCA Screener) - Unlisted (2,45,1867), Listed (8348)

  • Profiled Companies 1,27,000+ - Financials are readily available of profiled companies.
Regarding the relevance of the Profiled Companies - PrivateCircle profiles companies on the basis of Customer Requests and also proactively as per the news, deals done by companies, paid up capital, popularity etc. As our clients are PE, VC's and other significant companies, it is highly unlikely that a company which is currently relevant is not profiled by PrivateCircle.

  • Investor / Profiled Funds Data- 2947 (Get the portfolio of these funds with the investment details)
  • Deals & Transaction Data Screen - On a daily basis update deals & transactions from Filings, NSE, BSE, Press & Investor Website
  • Banks Screener - Aggregated Loan book data of the companies with charges details with a separate Charge Wise Screener
  • Legal Screener - Covers 1 Lakh + NCLT cases data and 3 Crore + Court cases data
  • EPFO Data Screener - Covers employee count , Latest Wage Month etc. of establishments

The database features more than 4020 full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals such as The Economist, country and industry-focused reports, etc.

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Provides current data of exchange-traded instruments including stocks, warrants, options, futures, indexes, etc. around the world, historical equity data ranging from several months to over 20 years, government and corporate bonds information from over 100 countries, foreign exchange rates for 175 currencies, comprehensive coverage on commodities and energy, economic indicators (e.g., consumer price index) for many countries, extensive business and financial information for listed companies.

  • Restricted Access (in Library)

A comprehensive database on the global loan market, news and analysis report from 1995. The database provides up to date historical data in the downloadable format, which would be available for access and analysis for the archival study on syndication loans done in the global loans market. It is a simple web-based service that gives access to Refinitiv LPC data covering hundreds of thousands of loan and bond transactions from around the world. LoanConnector also incorporates the DealScan interface for searching over 3,50,000 loan and bond transactions worldwide. DealScan provides regionally tailored search menus with over 200+ search categories.

FIG (ex-SNL) provides information on worldwide bank analysis, on an integrated online platform along with Excel. This platform covers 56,000+ listed, non-listed and subsidiary banks (30,000+ active), 58,000+ asset management companies, 11,000+ speciality finance companies, 18000+ investment banks and broker-dealers globally i.e. Americas, Asia- Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa with comprehensive, reliable and timely financial data, including 100-600+ items. All items are available in the form of a heavily vetted banking specific template. Using the Market Intelligence platform, the researcher can identify regulatory red flags and take pre-emptive action. From loan portfolio analysis to credit risk, you can quickly identify key risks and potential problems compared to your peers. Market Intelligence platform also gives you instant access to the data that the researcher needs to evaluate their branch network and make the most of it based on geographic, demographic and financial factors.

Real Estate: The database tracks thousands of real estate properties around the world. The properties section within a company’s briefing book gives you detailed information on a company’s property portfolio, including property transactions, properties in its development pipeline, top tenants and top markets. Data is sourced from the company press releases, web sites, annual reports and government filings. For more detail please find the attached brochure.

The database allows users to search for financial and non-financial information based on user-specified search strings from the various SEC filings and PCAOB Inspection Reports from 1994-2017 with daily updates.

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Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine is FINRA's over-the-counter (OTC) corporate bond market real-time price dissemination service. Bringing transparency to the corporate bond market, it helps create a level playing field for all market participants by providing comprehensive, real-time access to corporate bond price information.

Introduced in July of 2002, TRACE consolidates transaction data for all eligible corporate bonds - investment grade, high yield and convertible debt. As a result, individual investors and market professionals can access information on 100 percent of OTC activity representing over 99 percent of total U.S. corporate bond market activity in over 30,000 securities.

The TRACE Historical Time and Sales data is available through WRDS. The information collected and disseminated for all publicly traded corporate bonds by TRACE includes the time of execution, price, yield, and volume.

This database is useful for startups and entrepreneur. Tracxn have built the largest team of analysts tracking startups globally to help Venture Capital and Corp. Dev. teams scout investment opportunities and diligence deals. Also, Tracxn have extended their platform to esteemed educational institutions in India & abroad who play a vital role in churning out entrepreneurs and fostering the culture of entrepreneurship. Tracxn platform used for deep-dive sector research, outbound deal discovery and uncovering exciting startups across sectors.

The University of Chicago Press publishes more than 85 scholarly journals that cover a wide range of disciplines like Art and art history, Economics, Education, History, Humanities, Law and politics, Literary studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Science, and Social sciences. All journals are peer-reviewed publications, with readerships that include faculties, researchers, and practitioners.

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The database covers global marketing strategy insight, leading advertising trends, case studies, research reports, company profiles, news, etc. It has in depth information on marketing, advertising and media research drawn from 30 international sources.

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WatchoutInvestors alerts and protect the investors and is a national registry of information on companies/persons who have been indicted for an economic malpractice/non-compliance of laws/regulations/default by 35 regulatory bodies. The website presently lists over 3,00,000 indicted/defaulted entities, MCA disqualified directors, and the associated companies as well as MCA defaulting companies and individuals.

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WRDS is the Wharton Research Data Service that is mainly a very convenient research platform to manage the large data sets and its subscription includes about 14 free databases. WRDS provides the user with one location to access over 200 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Finance, Marketing, and Economics.

Using the same credentials, the following tools are also accessible.

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