Basic overview

External members are divided into two types: one with borrowing privileges and the other as reading only members.

The membership is provided to IIMA's Alumni, students pursuing Ph.D at some other institutes/ professionals/ faculty at other educational institutes on payment basis in addition to institutional membership. External members need to apply for membership by filling the forms available at the circulation counter in the library or download online from library website. The application has to be approved by the librarian for enrollment as an external member. The decision of the librarian is final in case of external membership provision.

Download external borrowing membership form:


Borrowing membership

Type of Membership Refundable Deposit(INR) Loan Limit Annual fees (INR) *
Alumni (PGP / PGP-ABM/FABM / FPM / PGPX / AFP /FDP), Former Employees, Board members (present and past), Academic Visitors (recommended by faculty), Retired Faculty * 5,000 2 Books for 30 days NIL
10,000 5 Books for 30 days
Individuals working in academic institutions / non-profit / government organisations, MDP/EEP Alumni, Retired Staff 5,000 2 Books for 30 days 3,600 #
10,000 5 Books for 30 days
Institutions (academic / government / non-profit) 20,000 4 Books for 30 days 12,000 #
Institutions ( Corporate / for-profit) 50,000 4 Books for 30 days 30,000 #

* For Retired Faculty - Recommended by IIMA Faculty only
# All the non-refundable fees will attract tax as applicable.
* Over and above GST will be applicable.

Reading Only Membership

Reading only membership is meant for reference purposes only without any borrowing privileges. This membership is meant for doctoral degree students and faculty of management and related institutions/organizations.

Reading only membership

Type of Membership 1 Week 1 Month 3 Months
Persons working in academic / non-profit / government institutions, MDP/EEP alumni 300 # 700 # 1500 #

# Amount in INR.
# All the non-refundable fees will attract tax as applicable.

Guideline to e-resources access and use for external members:

  1. Certain databases may not be accessible to external members.
  2. Systematic downloading of articles are not allowed
  3. Cyber labs are only for accessing electronic resources, personal work like email, social networking sites, etc. will not be allowed.

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