Know Your Library (2018 - 7th Series)

To increase the awareness about the library services and its varied resources, the library runs a quiz programme called "Know Your Library". Every week (Tuesday and Thursday) library poses two questions to the users and provides multiple answers to be selected. The results are declared on the next day and the library announces the names of the winners with the correct answer to the question.

Bumper Question:

After the grand success of KYL which started in 2013, we have introduced a "Bumper question" in the new series of KYL 2018. The bumper question will be announced on the last Tuesday or Thursday of every month and two winners (accross all categories like PGP/FABM-1, PGP/FABM-2, PGPX, FPM, Faculty and AAs/RAs) would be chosen based on a lucky draw of correct answers and the winners will get 3 movie tickets each.


  • A question would be announced on every Tuesday and Thursday through email.
  • The deadline for answering the question is 12:00 midnight on the same day on which the quiz is announced.
  • Quiz results will be announced on the next day.
  • The winners, those who have answered correctly would be chosen based on a lucky draw.
  • For each question four tickets would be awarded to students (one each for PGP/FABM-1, PGP/FABM-2, PGPX, FPM), one for Faculty member and one for AA/RA member (those who have "" email ID)
  • Winners would have to collect the prizes (Movie Ticket) from the library within a week on showing the ID-card.

Current sponsor of KYL (2018)

Previous sponsors:

SN Name Year
1 Rama Moodra International Dinner Etiquette Trainer 2013
2 Reado 2014
3 Sage Publishing 2015 & 2016
4 Emerald Publishing 2017

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