The Library is currently housed in a temporary premises located at KLMDC, IIMA Heritage Campus.

The current Vikram Sarabhai Library has been planned and arranged in such a way that it provides a variety of study/work spaces to suit different work preferences that include silent reading zone, individual study carrels, discussion area, general reading area, e-resource lab (all these areas have desks where you can plug in your personal laptops). Besides the above, it also offers light reading area, children's section, circulation counter, etc.

Silent Reading Zone

  •  The Library offers a quiet and peaceful ambience for those who would like to read / work without any disturbance.
  •  The Silent Reading Zone is located adjacent to the New Arrivals Display Area near the main entrance.
  •  Four-seated tables with provision of plug points for personal laptops.
  •  Users can use their own materials like books, papers, laptops, etc.

Private Reading Zone/Individual Study Carrels

  •  VSL provides its users with private study space in the form of individual carrels.
  •  The carrels are located in the basement of the library.
  •  Users can use their own materials like, books, papers, laptops, etc.
  •  No verbal chatting is allowed in this area.

General Reading Area

  •  The general reading area has been divided in to two parts.
  •  One is located in the entrance hall near the e-resource lab.
  •  The other one is located to the left of silent reading zone. This area has also print journals / magazines displayed in all the corners.
  •  The general reading area is equipped with six seated tables having facility for plug points for laptops.
  •  Personal books, papers, laptops are allowed.

Group Discussion Area

  •  VSL provides a group discussion area for IIMA students and researchers.
  •  The group discussion area is located near the general reading area / magazine display area.
  •  Students and researchers can interact/collaborate with each other and discuss on their projects, assignments, case study, etc.
  •  This place is equipped with three computing systems and Wi-Fi.

E-Resource Lab

  •  Equipped with 20 computing systems for accessing online databases.
  •  Dedicated terminals for Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon and Compustat.
  •  Readers can use these systems to access academic literature, audio/video, etc.

Light Reading Zone

  •  The Library has provided a separate space for light reading area.
  •  The light reading zone has also been divided in to two parts.
  •  One is located outside the Librarian's Office.
  •  Another one near the silent reading area.
  •  Sofas have been placed in these areas for comfortable seating.
  •  Here you can find daily newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.
  •  Users can use their own material like; books, papers, laptops, etc.

Circulation Counter

  •  The Library Circulation Counter is located right near the entrance of the library.
  •  The Circulation Counter offers the following services:
    1. Check out, renewal and check-in of the books and non-book materials.
    2. Help/Assistance in library related queries.
    3. Reservation of Books.
    4. Reservation of Kindle E-Book Readers.
    5. Attending to simple reference queries.
  •  Circulation Timings:
    1. Monday to Friday time: 9.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.
    2. Weekends & Public holidays time: 9.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Children's Section

  •  Library has separate collection and space for display of children books.
  •  Includes poetry, story, science and fiction. Besides the above, it also has reference books like encyclopedias, dictionary, etc.

Library Norms:

  •  Headphones should be used for accessing audio/video content in the library (Headphones can be borrowed from the circulation counter).
  •  Please do not use mobile phones in the library.
  •  No food, drink, or smoking is allowed in the library premises except drinking water.