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A Case of HIV at Woodworks Ltd (C) (OB0241(C) Epilogue) by Sharda, Kirti Case 2020-03-23
A Case of HIV at Woodworks Ltd (A) (OB0241(A)) by Sharda, Kirti Case 2020-03-22
Project Financing for Sustainable Railways Project (PSG0132) by Garg, Amit; Beri, Pramod; Kasliwal, Siddhi Case 2020-03-18
Aster Retail UAE (A): Connecting Employees, Customers and Business Results (HRM0244) by Varkkey, Biju; Trivedi, Bhumi Case 2020-03-12
Brooklyn Central (PROD0321) by Roy, Debjit; Prof.G Raghuram Case 2020-03-06
Good Food Served Quietly: The Mime Restaurants (A) (OB0240) by Khokle, Pradyumana; Kulkarni, Vaibhavi Case 2020-03-06
AirAsia Malaysia: The IPO Decision (F&A0547) by Jena, Sanjay Kumar; Dixit, M.R Case 2020-02-26
The Indian Express: Reinvention through Digital Business (BP0436) by Sharma, Sunil; Srinivasan, Anand; Singh, Bhumika Case 2020-02-25
Lupin: Discovery Research (MAR0511) by Sahay, Arvind; Tiwari, Tara; Kamboj; Raj (Dr); Palle, Venkata (Dr) Case 2020-01-31
Rohan@BlueOcean Tech (CIIE0016) by Vohra, Neharika; Mendonca, Valerie; Sharma, Supriya Case 2020-01-31
Tezos: Governance in the Cryptocurrency World (F&A0549) by Barua, Samir K.; Varma, Jayanth R Case 2020-01-20
Razorpay: Providing Payment Convenience to Disruptors (MAR0507) by Ganjoo, Divya; Mukherjee, Saral; Mukhopadhyay, Sandip Case 2020-01-09
Tega Industries (C1) (MAR0506) by Mohanka, Madan; Jain, Abhinandan K Case 2020-01-02
Tega Industries (C1): Supplement (MAR0506S) by Jain, Abhinandan K; Mohanka, Madan Supplement 2020-01-02
Jalaram Rice Mills Private Limited: Vishal H Mistry's Dilemma (CMA0820) by Varma, Poornima; Jena, Sanjay Kumar Case 2019-12-31
Axel Motors (COMM0024) by Sharma, Meenakshi Case 2019-12-30
Creating Regulatory Space: Spectrum Trade Deal and Competition Commission of India (IITCOE0009) by Jain, Rekha Case 2019-12-30
Spectrum Trading in India: How to Untie the Gordian Knot (IITCOE0008) by Jain, Rekha Case 2019-12-30
Corporate Criminal Liability in India (BP0438) by Ram Mohan, M.P Case 2019-12-10
Criminal Negligence and Director's Liability Under Indian Penal Code: The case of Bhopal Gas Tragedy (BP0437) by Ram Mohan, M.P Case 2019-12-02
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