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NASSCOM provides different type reports, analysis, rankings, current trend & insight on IT & BPO industries.

  • Campus wide Access | Username & Password required | contact :

National Stock Exchange Data (NSE) - CM & FAO (1999 - Present)

Historical Trade data: Historical high-frequency tick by tick trades data is provided on DVDs/CDs and through internet download facility. The historical data is available for the capital market segment (CM), futures & option segment (FAO) and wholesale debt market segment (WDM). Historical data contains: (a) Day wise bhavcopy for each trading day (b) Circulars issued by NSE or NSCCL during the month (c) Masters containing information like symbols, series, ISINs, etc. (d) Snapshots of the limit order book at four time points in the day and (e) Trades data containing details about every trade that took place.

CM (January 1999 - Present) and FAO (January 2000 - Present)

  • Restricted Access (Available in Library)

Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science

Nature is a weekly international journal, publishes the peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and conclusions. It also provides news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public.

  • Campus wide Access

Neuroleadership Journal

Examines the application of neuroscience in the field of leadership and management development with a particular focus on decision-making, problem-solving, emotional regulation, collaborating with others and facilitating change.

  • Campus wide Access (Single user license)

New York Times/

First time registration is required by using your IIMA email address.
Create a free account using your IIMA email address. If you already have an account using your IIMA email address, you may log in with those credentials.

Nielsen and NielsenIQ Marketing Data

The datasets are available upon request via the subscription request form. Once the user's eligibility is confirmed, he or she will be approved to proceed and will receive an email with the registration code and instructions.

Consumer Panel Data: The Consumer Panel Data consists of a representative panel of households that continuously provide information about their purchases in a longitudinal study in which panelists remain on as long as they continue to meet NielsenIQ's criteria. NielsenIQ consumer panelists use in-home scanners to record all of their purchases (from any outlet) for personal, in-home use. Consumers provide information about their households, the products they buy, as well as when and where they buy them. Data for 40,00060,000 active panelists is available beginning in 2004 and includes annual updates.

Retail Scanner Data: Retail Scanner Data consists of weekly pricing, volume, and store environment information generated by point-of-sale systems from more than 90 participating retail chains across all US markets.

Data is available Beginning in 2006, with annual updates. All products have a UPC code and description, as well as a brand, multipack, and size, as well as NielsenIQ codes for the department, product group, and product module. Some products have extra features (e.g., flavor). Approximately 15,000 new stores have been added.

Nielsen's Ad Intel Data: Nielsen's Ad Intel Data, which began in 2010 and includes annual updates, covers advertising occurrences for a variety of media types across the United States. Market Code (i.e., 200 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) that can be matched to DMAs in the Consumer Panel and Retail Scanner datasets) can be used to segment this data. The Ad Intel Dataset, in particular, contains advertisement occurrences from media types such as national TV, local TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, FSI Coupons, Internet, digital platforms, cinema, and so on.

PanelView Surveys (Complementary to the Consumer Panel Data): This survey examines how households spent the Federal Government's rebate in 2008. These surveys, one from 2008 and one from 2011, contain information about where household members were born, where they live now, as well as additional information about education (e.g., college major), occupation, and purchase behavior in specific categories. The Panel Views surveys, which supplement the Consumer Panel Data, contain additional information about households and their members.

NOTE: Requests can only be made by IIMA Faculty, Ph.D. students, and Post Doctorate students.

  • Campus wide Access

NRG Matrics

NRG Metrics mainly focuses on corporate governance information and analysis. The database covers 450 metrics, 9,000 companies and 2,25,000 Directors information throughout the world and more than 46 countries with broad geographical market coverage: Europe, North America, Africa, and the Rest of the world.
The database has seven datasets: Corporate Governance, Ownership Structure, Directors and Officers, Family Firms, Compensation, Audit, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

1) Corporate Governance (2007-21) dataset contains all the key variables (more than 60) related to the Board of Directors, as well as the 3 key committees that are Audit, Compensation and Nomination.

2) Ownership Structure (2007-21) dataset includes nearly 60 variables, such as Managerial Ownership, CEO Ownership, Institutional Investors Ownership, Largest Shareholder, Top-5 of Shareholders, etc.

3) Directors and Officers (2007-21) dataset contains data for more than 170,000 Directors and Officers. This category of variables (45) includes data on gender, nationality, participation in Other Public Boards, as well as data on financial expertise and political connection.

4) Family Firms (2007-21) dataset contains 60 variables, 20 definitions of family firms, 30 additional variables founder, descendant family member, generation, lone founder, year of founding family representative, CEO hired year went public.

5) Compensation (2011-21) dataset includes more than 50 variables from the following categories: Executive Compensation, Director's Compensation, Ownership Guidelines, Compensation Consultants, Non-Executive Fees and CEO Pay Ratio.

6) Audit (2007-21) dataset contains 35 variables from the Audit category. In particular, there are 4 main subcategories of Audit Fees: Audit, Audit Related, Tax and Other, as well as a number of variables that are included in the Independent Auditor's Report such as Opinion, Going Concern, Key Audit Matters, Emphasis of Matters, Materiality, etc.

7) Corporate Social Responsibility (2015-21) dataset is divided into 3 main categories of variables: Society, Environment, Employees and 13 subcategories. With more than 150 variables and 3,500 companies.

  • Campus wide Access | Username & Password required | contact :

NSE-CM Order & Trade Data-2019-2021

NSE (National Stock Exchange) Historical Data containing standard details of the tick by tick Order level, Trade level data, and other related information about securities for the period 2019 to 2020 in the Capital Market Segment of the Exchange.

  • Restricted Access (Available in Library)

NSS Data (Round No 51-73) (1994-2016)

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in India is a unique setup to carry out surveys on socio-economic, demographic, agricultural and industrial subjects for collecting data from households and from enterprises located in villages and in the towns. It is a focal agency of the Govt. of India for collection of statistical data in the areas which are vital for developmental planning.

  • Restricted Access (in Library)


The Vikram Sarabhai Library has 150+ databases in its e-resources collection. The databases have been divided into different categories content wise like company & country database, scholarly resources, research support resources and legal databases. These databases fulfill the specific requirements sought by the users.

  • Most of the databases are accessible through IP, while some databases require log-in ID & password.
  • The faculty and existing students can access the databases off-campus through Remote Access.
  • The Databases should be used solely for academic and research needs and not for any commercial purpose.
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