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Cambridge University Press

It is a collection of Business History. Library subscribes 27 journals related to Business Ethics, Society and History, Environment & Development Economics, Labor & Law, Management & Organization, Public Policy, Political Science and Financial History.

  • Campus wide Access

Capitaline AWS

Capitaline is an online database giving financial and other information on more than 55,800+ companies, which includes listed as well as unlisted companies. It provides extensive and accurate data on companies, which runs into over 2500 data fields. The companies are grouped under all major industries from various sectors. A Balance Sheet or P&L can be read with complete schedules or breakups along with different useful tools like common size, simple growth, CAGR growth, etc. Capitaline provides analyst meet reports and AGM reports every quarter in text format, along with coverage of all corporate announcements on a daily basis.

IPO data are covered extensively, which include Issues, Prospectus, Allotment, and new Listing.

Live News: Market Commentary, Hot Pursuit & Corporate News.

CDP Global Dataset

The CDP is a global organization that works with companies, investors, and governments to measure and manage environmental impacts, including carbon emissions, water use, and deforestation. The CDP Climate Change Scores evaluate companies based on their level of disclosure and action on climate change-related issues. The scores are based on a comprehensive questionnaire that asks companies about their greenhouse gas emissions, climate-related risks and opportunities, and strategies for reducing their environmental impact. The CDP then assesses this information to provide companies with a score between A and D-, with A being the highest score and D- being the lowest. The scores also identify companies that are leaders in sustainability and environmental performance. The datasets are available in Excel spreadsheets for each year of the data.

  • The climate change data (2003 - 2021)
  • The supply chain data (2010 - 2014)
  • Cities data (2011 - 2014)
  • The water data(2010 - 2014)
  • Forests data (2013 - 2014)
  • Public climate change score data (2009 - 2021)

CEIC database

CEIC is the complete set of 7.3 million+ time series in one place, covering more than 213 economies, 20 industries, and 18 macroeconomic sectors, compiled from over 2,200 sources. Our premium databases cover Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia in even greater depth with micro, regional, and sector data. CEIC's product suite, combined with its cutting edge CDMNext platform, enables you to seamlessly integrate data series into your workflow. Our products allow you to effortlessly compare global markets and zero in on the deepest emerging market data available.

  • Non-stop intelligence, from the world's most trusted 2,200+ sources.
  • Macro & microeconomic data, is the most complete, accurate, and timely set of 7.3 million+ macro and microeconomic data across 213 economies.
  • Industry detail, all leading industries, in fact, cover 18 macroeconomic sectors.
  • Adjusted data, various tools available to map different time series, and remove seasonal fluctuations for better trend analysis.
  • Insights, access to 500+ insights reports on various industries across the globe.
  • Access the proprietary dataset designed by CEIC Insights to precede macroeconomic indicators and predict turning points in an economic cycle.

Census of India (1991, 2001 & 2011)

The Indian census is the source of information on demography (population characteristics), economic activity, literacy and education, housing & household amenities, urbanization, fertility and mortality, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, language, religion, migration, disability and many other socio-economic and demographic data. It's the source of primary data of village, town and ward level. It provides valuable information for planning and formulation policies for central and the state governments.

  • Restricted Access (in Library) | CDs Avaliable at Library | CDs List

CI Technology (2016-2022)

Company Intelligence (formerly called CITDB) offers a comprehensive data inventory, encompassing a wide range of information such as company details, technographics, and contacts all in one dataset, which represents 90% of IT buying worldwide. With 1,58,51,821 accounts, 2,01,90,306 sites, 4,92,90,264 contacts (including emails and LinkedIn handles), and 72,68,02,543 technology installs, it ensures a vast and standardized dataset. Additionally, the database covers budget information available at both account and site levels, covering IT budgets, technology totals, and technology installs for greater insights.

  • Restricted Access (in Library)


CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world's leading academic publishers and research libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, geographically distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community.

  • Campus wide Access


Provides information and insights on the new capacities coming up in India in the near or medium-term future. The database will help financial markets look for funding opportunities, construction companies and capital goods providers for business opportunities, policy makers for possible new employment potential or infrastructure gaps, analysts for future industry structure and competition.

CMIE CapEx dx

Provides information and insights on the new capacities coming up in India in the near or medium-term future. The database will help financial markets look for funding opportunities, construction companies and capital goods providers for business opportunities, policy makers for possible new employment potential or infrastructure gaps, analysts for future industry structure and competition. Online, projects since 1995. Over 43,000 projects have been tracked.

CMIE Commodities

Provides real-time spot and futures prices, market intelligence, historical fundamental data and forecasts for agricultural crops. Commodities deliver data on prices for 200 varieties of 70 commodities from 150 markets. It also contains statistics on area, production and yield up to the district-level.

CMIE Consumer Pyramids dx

Provides data on households survey of India, Consumer Pyramids includes the following databases:

People of India dx: This database provides information on the members of the household. It includes identity indicators of the members, their education level, occupation, self-reported health status and financial inclusion. It also includes the employment/unemployment status and associated labour market indicators. The employment/unemployment database has been expanded substantially. The People of India database is now offered in only the waves frequency. This reflects the manner in which the data is collected. It is collected once every wave for each member of the sample households. It reflects the position of members of households as of the date of the survey.

Aspirational India dx: This database provides information on the assets owned by the household, assets they intend to buy in the near future and assets that they bought in the recent past. It also includes status on whether the household has saved in specific financial instruments or whether it intends to save in them and, whether the household has borrowed and if so, from which sources and for what purpose. Besides, now the consumer sentiments responses are also provided in this database. This database is now offered in only the wave frequency. This reflects the manner in which the data is collected. It is collected once every wave for each of the sample households.

Income Pyramids dx: This service was earlier available as "Composition of Incomes". A truncated version was also available in "Household Income & Expenses". "Composition of Incomes" is now renamed to "Income Pyramids". Income information of a household continues to be presented in two files. One presents the income earned by a household from all sources including that which can be attributed to specific members and separately, that which cannot be attributed to specific individual members. The second file presents member wise income.

This information is only provided in monthly frequency. Monthly income of all months since January 2014 of all responding households and members is released in this service. The Waves presentation of this information has been discontinued. Income data for a month is released four months after the end of the month.

Consumption Pyramids dx: This service presents data in two files. One file provides the monthly time-series of expenditure on over a hundred individual expense items. Monthly expenses of all months since January 2014 of all responding households are made available in this service. Expenses data for a month is released four months after the end of the month. The second file contains the weekly expense incurred by households on select fast-moving expense items. This is new in the CP-DX offering. This is an observation made once for each household during a Wave. So, it contains the expenses made by the households on the select expense items during the seven days preceding the day of the survey.

CMIE Economic Outlook

Provides forecasts on growth, inflation, fiscal balance, balance of payments, corporate earnings and a host of sectorial indicators. The database has a huge depository of historical time series data which continuously updated.

CMIE First Source

CMIE First Source is a query-able database of all companies registered in India. It has information on over 1.9 million companies, 2.8 million signatories (directors), 1.1 million charges on assets, 0.5 million annual reports, etc.

CMIE Industry Outlook

Its covers around hundred industries. It presents detailed data on; demand and supply, prices, financial performance and investments, etc. of the industries. This includes forecasts and descriptive analysis of the current trends.

CMIE Prowess dx

Prowess dx is a delivery of the Prowess database that is specially designed for academia.

  1. Quick and easy downloading of the data in simple text format.
  2. 51,262 companies covered, including listed companies, unlisted public companies and private companies. All companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange are covered.
  3. Time-series data since 1990. Annual Reports of companies and data available from India's two largest stock exchanges are the principal sources of this database.
  4. Includes the profit and loss statement, balance sheet and ratios based on these. There are 3,500 data fields in Prowess dx.
  5. In the case of listed companies, cash flow statement, quarterly financial statements, share prices, corporate action and daily total returns are included. Financial statements based on consolidated and standalone basis are available.
  6. Financial statements are standardized. The database does not suffer from any deliberate survival bias. The database is updated continuously.

CMIE ProwessIQ

CMIE Prowess IQ (Interactive Querying) provides the financial performance of Indian companies, its covers 52,205 companies financial data. It is internet-based application for querying CMIE's database on performances of listed and unlisted companies. It is simple and easy to use with virtually no installation and updation hassles. ProwessIQ provides charting tools and well-formatted reports on performances of companies. The reports provide financial information including analytical ratios and benchmark comparisons. Downloads of source documents such as annual reports, interim results, ratings rationales are part of the service.

CMIE States of India

Provides comprehensive compilation of state level statistics. Statistics are sourced from official documents of state government. The database includes socio economic indicator of all the states.

CMIE Trade dx

India exports and imports about 10,000 commodities to and from nearly 200 countries/regions. The database provides monthly statistics on this trade. It includes quantity, value and unit value in respect of each products exported or imported. The monthly time-series is available for up to ten years. Annual series is available for about 15 years.

Compustat Executive Compensation (Execucomp)

Compustat Executive Compensation data (ExecuComp) provides annual compensation data on top five executive officers within North American company from 1992 to 2009. It contains more than 38,000 executives and their compensation data on the top officers of over 3300 companies with more than 220 data items. The top 5 executive officers’ data within the company is available from 1992 to 2009 and from 2010 on wards the total number of executives’ data has been available for all the 3300 companies. Features: (1) Executive compensation data, such as names of executives, titles, age, gender, compensation (salary, bonuses, stock options, and shares owned), most recently held title, when an executive became the CEO or left the position. (2) Director compensation data, such as annual options received, annual shares received, annual retainer, cash fees, stock awards, and pension compensation. (3) Company financial data, such as key income statement and balance sheet data, market value and share price data. (4) Company descriptor data, such as an address, SIC, CUSIP number, ticker, stock exchange, and industry/index membership. (5) Deferred compensation plan information, including contribution information and individual plan, balance Long-term incentive awards data and other plan-based awards data, such as shares awarded, the value of shares and payout terms, options exercise price, the grant date fair value of the stock/option award and the potential cash payout under cash-based incentive plans. (6) Outstanding option and restricted stock awards data. (7) Executive pension plans, including the credited years of service and the plan value. (8) Stock option grants data, such as stock option value, exercise price, market price, and expiration date.

Compustat North America

Provides fundamental and market data for active and inactive companies that trade on a U.S. or Canadian Exchange. Annual, quarterly and monthly data is from 1979 forward and last 11 years of daily market data.

Coronavirus Research Database

This database curates openly available content related to coronaviruses. It includes thousands of open-access articles from the world’s leading publishers as well as current research from pre-print repositories such as arXiv and will continue to grow and evolve as more is learned about the pandemic.

  • Campus wide Access

Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR database provides information of CSR activity of indian listed companies. The data includes Financial Year, Average Net Profit of last three Financial Years, Prescribed CSR Expenditure, Sector in which the CSR Activity is covered and State in which the Expenditure is done. It also provides CSR Board Committee details and the reasons for unspent amounts. Additionaly, Its provide CSR report extracted from the annual report of the particular company.

  • Campus wide Access

CounterPoint Mobile Handset Data (India & Bangladesh)

CounterPoint datasets - Monthly model sales tracker database for smartphone (India from January 2017 to May 2018 & Bangladesh from January 2016 to March 2018)

  • Restricted Access (in Library)

CountryData Online (CDO)

The database provides political, economic, financial, and social data for over 140 countries, in most cases back to 1984. This also includes annual economic data from CREF Country Reports, as well as current data from Coplin-O?Leary Forecasts. It allows the user to select only the data they need and produce cross-country reports with thousands of data points.

  • Campus wide Access

CRISIL Research

Provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the current trends and the long-term performance outlook on 70 industries in India. It includes the evolution of an industry, the regulatory environment, cost structures, nature and extent of competition, global trends along with statistical information on capacities, production, imports-exports, domestic and international prices, and consumption patterns.

Also provides the following special reports i.e., City Reality Reports (Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR & Pune), SME Report, NBFC Report & Agriculture Report.

CRSP Mutual Funds

The CRSP [Survivor-Bias-Free U.S.] Mutual Funds Database includes a history of each mutual fund's name, investment style, fee structure, holdings, and asset allocation. Also, included are monthly total returns, monthly total net assets, monthly/daily net asset values, and dividends. Additionally, schedules of the rear and front load fees, asset class codes, and management company contact information are provided. All data items are for publicly traded, open-end mutual funds and begin at varying times, between 1962-present, depending on availability. The database is updated quarterly and distributed with a monthly lag.


The Vikram Sarabhai Library has 170+ databases in its e-resources collection. The databases have been divided into different categories content wise like company & country database, scholarly resources, research support resources and legal databases. These databases fulfill the specific requirements sought by the users.

  • Most of the databases are accessible through IP, while some databases require log-in ID & password.
  • The faculty and existing students can access the databases off-campus through Remote Access.
  • The Databases should be used solely for academic and research needs and not for any commercial purpose.
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