Bloomberg is the premier source for global business and financial information, and a leading provider to businesses, education and government in India.

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Bloomberg.Com provides information on various subjects like a Market overview (Economies, Stock, Currencies, Deals, Sector overview, Commodities, etc.), Technology overview, Politics, Lifestyle, Bloomberg opinion news, Short Videos, etc.

Business Expert Press e-Books (2009-2018)

Business Expert Press E-Books (fully downloadable and printable). There are 299 management titles (36 are being added by end of this month and about another 100 titles will be added by end of the year).

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Business Source Ultimate

Business Source Ultimate provides full-text academic journals with articles covering all disciplines of business, including Accounting, Finance, Banking, Management Information Systems, Production and Operations Management, Economics, etc. The database includes more than 5072 full-text journals & magazines with 2657 are peer-reviewed titles and all journals and magazine can be Search/Browse through A-Z Journal link

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Business Standard Newspaper Archive (1997 onwards)

For the issues of Business Standard from 1997 till current, they are available on BS platform.

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