Compustat Executive Compensation (Execucomp)

Compustat Executive Compensation data (ExecuComp) provides annual compensation data on top five executive officers within the North American company from 1992 to 2009. It contains more than 38,000 executives and their compensation data on the top officers of over 3300 companies with more than 220 data items. The top 5 executive officers’ data within the company is available from 1992 to 2009 and from 2010 on wards, the total number of executives’ data has been available for all the 3300 companies.


(1) Executive compensation data, such as names of executives, titles, age, gender, compensation (salary, bonuses, stock options, and shares owned), most recently held title, when an executive became the CEO or left the position.
(2) Director compensation data, such as annual options received, annual shares received, annual retainer, cash fees, stock awards, and pension compensation
(3) Company financial data, such as key income statement and balance sheet data, market value and share price data
(4) Company descriptor data, such as an address, SIC, CUSIP number, ticker, stock exchange, and industry/index membership
(5) Deferred compensation plan information, including contribution information and individual plan, balance Long-term incentive awards data and other plan-based awards data, such as shares awarded, the value of shares and payout terms, options exercise price, the grant date fair value of the stock/option award and the potential cash payout under cash-based incentive plans
(6) Outstanding option and restricted stock awards data
(7) Executive pension plans, including the credited years of service and the plan value
(8) Stock option grants data, such as stock option value, exercise price, market price, and expiration date

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